Free Wi-Fi in Central Public Areas

21. Dezember 2015

On the launch of the hotspots, Gunter Cizsch, First Mayor of Ulm said, “Our aim was to offer free public Wi-Fi access, not connected to any commercial interests, in the city central areas, which are visited daily by a large volume of people.”

No registration is required to visit the following websites: 
The City of Ulm
International City
Ulm Minster
Calendar of Events

To visit additional websites you must register. After registering with your first name, surname, mobile phone number or email address you receive a four digit password for free internet access. Wi-Fi usage is limited to two hours per day. There is no data limit. Further registrations are possible.

Further enhancements to the municipal Wi-Fi service are planned in the upcoming weeks. For example, a partially public Wi-Fi will be provided as required in the City Hall and Stadthaus during conferences. In addition, Wi-Fi usage time will be prolonged to over two hours during special events such as the annual Culture Night.
The city has invested approximately 205K Euro in this public Wi-Fi. All elements were put to tender. Planning was carried out by GPC GmbH planning office from Hessheim.

Further expansion of the public Wi-Fi will be decided by Ulm City Council. Councillors have already resolved to commission the city administration to initiate the development of a free Wi-Fi concept for public buildings within the project ‘Strategic orientation und multifunctional development of IT infrastructure services’. The City considers Wi-Fi access in cultural institutions, social and civic centres as an essential prerequisite for the administration of a modern city.      

Free Wi-Fi in Central Public Areas

The City of Ulm now offers free Wi-Fi to residents and visitors. Four Wi-Fi hotspots have recently been opened in the city centre (Münsterplatz, Marktplatz, Hans und Sophie Scholl-Platz and Bahnhofsvorplatz).

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