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allgaier GmbH – diversity in logistics

The globally operating family company Allgaier offers its customers a high level of flexibility and diversity in logistics through the responsible implementation of synergies and the continuous exchange of information within the transport and logistics company with headquarters in Neu-Ulm, Bavaria.

Equipped for the future
A reliable, competent and motivated team of 600 employees, our own fleet of vehicles, extensive storage space and in-house customs clearance form the basis for steady growth, success and high customer satisfaction.

The business location Ulm / Neu-Ulm is of great importance for the company.
That is why allgaier GmbH promotes the region with numerous training positions, targeted employee development and support for social projects.

Focus on sustainability and environmental awareness
Environmental policy is a top priority at Allgaier. All operating facilities are planned and operated in an environmentally friendly manner, and alternative energy sources are increasingly used. Employees are trained accordingly and made responsible for using resources optimally and carefully. The environmental impact is kept as low as possible through suitable measures such as optimized machine use, high utilization of the devices, the use of low-pollutant production facilities and recycling of residual materials.

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Field of business or sector: Transport, logistics, value logistics, industrial assembly, export packaging
Locations: Neu-Ulm (headquarters), Elchingen, Velbert, Katy Wroclawskie – Poland
Employees: 600
allgaier GmbH
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