Brauerei Gold Ochsen GmbH


Gold Ochsen brewery: into the future with tradition

The Gold Ochsen brewery, founded in 1597 and family-owned since 1867, is one of the big names in the Ulm area. Obliged to the German purity law, the company has now asserted itself as the largest regional brewery and manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages far beyond the borders of the Ulm area. In recent years, the products and manufacturing processes have repeatedly received awards on a national and international stage. In addition, awards such as the business medal or the Order of Merit of the State of Baden-Württemberg underpin the outstanding entrepreneurial achievements and the far-reaching commitment of Managing Director Ulrike Freund.

High demands on yourself

The cornerstones of the company’s philosophy include, above all, proximity to the market and customers, as well as high standards of service quality. The diverse range of products impressively demonstrates the underlying art of brewing. Raw materials from the region, the combination of the latest brewing technology with conventional brewing processes as well as the most modern and energy-saving filling technology provide the foundation for success and have made a lasting contribution to the expansion of the sales area over the years.

Success as a team effort

The almost 200 employees of the Gold Ochsen GmbH brewery and its subsidiary Ulmer Getränke Vertrieb GmbH provide decisive impetus in this context. Day after day they get involved anew with full passion, motivation and qualification. Exciting challenges arise not only in the context of the various apprenticeships, such as brewer and maltster, warehouse logistics specialist or as industrial clerk. In addition, there are diverse areas of responsibility and the opportunity to successfully continue the company history of Gold Ochsen in the future.

Field of business or sector: Production and sale of beer specialities
Locations: Ulm
Employees: 200
Brauerei Gold Ochsen GmbH
Veitsbrunnenweg 3-8
Tel.: +49 (0)731 164 0