Hunting, sporting and defense weapons

WALTHER – POWERED PERFORMANCE. “POWERED PERFORMANCE” not only describes the Walther product promise, but is the credo of all Walther employees for maximum performance in every single product that carries the famous Walther ribbon. More than 130 years of excellent weapon manufacture shape the history of Carl Walther GmbH, which has been based in Ulm since 1953, where most of the production takes place. Walther Arms, Inc. in Fort Smith / Arkansas has been selling the products from the Ulm armory on the North American market since 2013. With the PPK – Police Pistol Kriminal – Walther wrote weapon history for the first time: its timelessly elegant silhouette and indestructible function made it an icon of pistol construction and a synonym for concealed carrying worldwide. Further milestones followed: P38, P5, P88, P99. Each of them sets the standard for their time. Today the PPQ and its all-steel siblings Q5 and Q4 Steelframe are considered the measure of all things in terms of trigger characteristics and ergonomics. The same applies to sports rifles and pistols from Walther: For example the Walther GSP pistol icon. Or the current LP 500 air pistol. In terms of trigger characteristics, ergonomics, balance and mass distribution, the first choice of the most demanding shooters worldwide. Or the innovative high-end small bore rifle KK 500. And – last but not least – the air rifle LG 400, which in the Monotec version with innovative system mounts brought another big step towards even more performance and thus made the experts sit up and take notice. From customers all over the world – be they special forces in daily professional use or ambitious sport shooters – Walther receives daily feedback that they simply hit better with “their” Walther.

Field of business or sector: Production and sales of guns for sports and defense
Locations: Ulm
Employees: 240 in Ulm
Im Lehrer Feld 1
Tel.: 0731 15 39 0