Gemeinde Dornstadt

municipal administration

The municipality of Dornstadt consists of the five districts of Bollingen with Böttingen, Dornstadt, Scharenstetten, Temmenhausen and Tomerdingen. Due to the positive developments of the past decades, the municipality with its 8,700 inhabitants forms the sub-center of the Ulm Alb. The direct neighborhood to the city of Ulm can be reached in ten minutes via the B 10. Due to its proximity to the teaching and research facilities in Ulm, Dornstadt has made a name for itself as a focal point for residents with highly qualified professions. The ideal traffic situation at the intersection between the A 8 Stuttgart-Munich and the B 10 is an essential factor for the very dynamic economic development of the municipality. Around 150 companies and businesses guarantee a balanced mix of industries and provide over 2,500 jobs. Some highly specialized companies from the technology sector and globally operating companies from the manufacturing sector have settled here. A few years ago, the municipality opened up another 20 hectares with the “Himmelweiler” industrial estate. To further increase the attractiveness of the location, the plans to create a separate motorway connection for the commercial area are in full swing. In the foreseeable future, the commercial area will therefore have ideal traffic connections. Furthermore, the industrial area will be expanded by another 20 hectares. Through this additional development of commercial space, the community will create attractive expansion opportunities for companies in the areas of production, services, technology, research and development. The attractiveness of the location will be further increased by the newly completed Albrecht-Berblinger-Straße and the motorway connection for the industrial area, which will be completed in 2021. This means that in the foreseeable future the industrial park will have a transport connection that couldn’t be better.

Field of business or sector: municipal administration
Locations: Dornstadt
Employees: 210
Gemeinde Dornstadt
Kirchplatz 2
Tel.: 07348 98 67 0