Gemeindeverwaltungsverband Dietenheim

municipal administration

The city Dietenheim and the communities Balzheim and Illerrieden form the ‘Association of local administration’ Dietenheim. (in German: Gemeindeverwaltungsverband – GVV) Its headquarters is in Dietenheim and advises the community members how to carry out functional duties.

It fulfils for the members, the tasks of preparatory urban land-use planning (land utilization plan) and is responsible for the duty to construct and maintain the community connecting roads.

An important function is to put the existing housing and industrial areas on the market as well as to promote tourism. The responsible contact persons are in the governing mayor offices in the three district communities.

The elements (components) of the GVV are the association assembly and their chairman. The association assembly is the major component. It includes the three governing Mayors and 11 other representatives. The association chairman is the governing Mayor, Christopher Eh, from Dietenheim. His deputies are, governing mayors Günter Herrmann (Balzheim) and Jens Kaiser (Illerrieden).

The governing mayor’s office of Dietenheim acts as the association department:
∙ Marketing office: Mr. Kögel
∙ Financial office: Mr. Albrecht
∙ Preparatory urban land-use planning: Mr. Koßbiehl

The close proximity to the Motorways A7 and A8 as well as the train service and vacant housing and industrial development areas are the best requirements for the economic and infrastructure development. The closeness of the population to employment opportunities, the Alps and lake Constance and furthermore the many recreation and leisure amenities, increases the quality of life. The youth Music school, the adult education centre and an ecumenicial library offers a wide cultural spectrum.

In unique natural wetlands, with cycle and trekking paths surrounded, runs the river ‘Iller’. Most of the time it flows majestically tout can suddenly develop into a raging mountain river. Through the borders of the three GVV communities also pass other trekking paths like the ‘Iller-Radwanderweg’ and the ‘Main Donau-Bodensee-Wanderweg.’ Several golf courses, swimming lakes and other sport and recreational facilities are in the immediate vicinity.

High quality gastronomy provides for excellent food and accommodation possibilities with hotels to holiday apartments.

Field of business or sector: land utilization planning, industrial, working and residential areas
Locations: Dietenheim, Illerrieden, Balzheim
Employees: 180
Gemeindeverwaltungsverband Dietenheim
Königstraße 63
Tel.: +49 (0)7347 9696 0