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The Ulm Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the first address for all economic issues and the contact for around 38,000 member companies in the Alb-Donau district, the Biberach district and the Ulm district. Representing the interests of the regional economy vis-à-vis politics is one of the core tasks of the IHK Ulm. We advocate the interests of our members among those responsible in the federal, state, districts and municipalities. Through a continuous exchange of experience we know what moves “our” companies. We actively contribute this knowledge to political decision-making processes. Conversely, we are perceived and heard by political decision-makers as an important mouthpiece for business. We also represent in Berlin and Brussels together with the DIHK the interests of our companies. In addition, we take on sovereign tasks, such as the supervision of apprenticeships, the implementation of examinations in training and further education or examinations in the transport of goods, dangerous goods or people, issuing certificates of origin, carnets and other certificates is also part of our mission. Other focal points include the promotion of digitization, vocational training and regional development.

Field of business or sector: Location policy, business start-ups and business support, training and further education, innovation and environment, international, law and taxes
Locations: IHK Ulm, Haus der Wirtschaft, Olgastraße 95-101, 89073 Ulm, IHK Bildungszentrum Biberach, Freiburger Straße 40, 88400 Biberach
Employees: 163
Olgastraße 95-101
E-Mail: info@ulm.ihk.de
Tel.: 0731 173 0