Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft Ulm mbH

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Project development for the success of our customers

We have been successfully designing project development for commercial properties in Ulm since 1997. When realizing the projects, we efficiently combine the technical, architectural, design, legal and economic tasks. We see ourselves as a source of ideas, problem solvers and a guarantee for your success. Our clients appreciate the extensive competence and the close cooperation with our network. With our partners – and also with the authorities – we have a longstanding and trusting cooperation.

Values ​​are our foundation

Our strategy is based on value development. We develop sustainable properties taking economic, ecological, urban planning and social aspects into account. Our actions are entrepreneurial and at the same time geared to people’s needs. We value a binding, transparent and fair partnership, characterized by mutual trust.
As a holistic partner, we take responsibility from the development of ideas and conception to planning, financing, implementation and marketing. We are not afraid to take on particularly challenging projects. We are ready to think again and again, we go the extra mile to achieve the best result. With each project we develop a new, individual and optimally fitting solution. We think conservatively when it comes to profitability and profitability. We act innovatively in search of the most effective and sensible way.

The PEG and its partners

We maintain a regional and national cooperation network. This network of contacts is part of our success. It is an important support for our innovative strength and realization strength. We work closely with regional and national architects and craft businesses, companies, institutions, chambers, associations and the city of Ulm. We actively and continuously exchange information on all relevant topics on various platforms.

Field of business or sector: real estate, project development
Locations: Ulm
Employees: 11
Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft Ulm mbH
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