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Dana – REINZ-Dichtungs-GmbH

Keeping it tight – that’s what Victor Reinz® is all about. As an international automotive supplier, Dana specializes in the development and production of gasket technology. The original equipment manufacturer works with all of the world’s major car and engine producers – from Smart to Bugatti.

Victor Reinz cylinder-head gaskets, secondary gaskets, shield systems and valve cover modules provide big-name automobile manufacturers with a crucial technological edge. Solutions from Dana can be found in virtually all passenger car and utility vehicle engines worldwide.

Field of business or sector: Sealing, shielding and engine cover systems for the automotive industry and related service parts markets. The business also provides gasket materials and special seals for industrial applications as well as various key components for advanced technology fuel cells.
Locations: Neu-Ulm
Employees: about 1100, Dana Incorporated: 23.000 employees worldwide
Reinzstraße 3-7
Tel.: +49 (0)731 70 46 0