Stadt Blaubeuren

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Blaubeuren is surrounded by forested mountain ranges and rugged rocks. The famous Blautopfstadt, embedded in the Urtal of the Danube, has around 12,000 inhabitants.

With the Blautopf, the monastery and some caves, the city offers many sights. The infrastructure is also very well developed. From primary school to high school, all general education schools are located in Blaubeuren. There is also an evangelical theological seminar, an adult education center, a music school and the Heinrich Fabri Institute of the University of Tübingen. Kindergartens are also available in the core city and in the districts. We have recently been able to offer you a crèche for children up to three years and a full-day kindergarten from 3 years. You can also accommodate your child in the flexible afternoon care of the primary school. Blaubeuren is a child-friendly city.

Blaubeuren also has a good range of doctors and specialists. There is also a health center, a retirement home and a diaconal ward. We offer attractive residential areas in many suburbs. A convenient commercial area is available in the sub-town of Seißen.

Blaubeuren is a state-approved resort. There is an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, sports halls, a tennis hall and a riding hall. Winter sports are not neglected in Blaubeuren either. There is a groomed cross-country ski run and a ski lift.

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Stadt Blaubeuren
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