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Welcome to the Ulm innovation region – Welcome to Vöhringen!

“Vöhringen moves” is the leitmotif of our school, cultural and sports city with its districts Illerberg, Illerzell and Thal in the Lower Illertal valley of the Neu-Ulm district.
In Vöhringen, a lot has always happened in the truest sense of the word, since the actions of all those responsible have always been characterized to the highest degree by striving forwards and developing further. This started as early as the middle of the 18th century, when the industrial owner Philipp Jakob Wieland acquired the local mill with factory premises and the associated hydropower as part of industrialization. Even today, Wieland-Werke, as a globally operating company in the non-ferrous metal industry with a total length of almost 2 kilometers, decisively shape the Vöhringen townscape and the economic strength of the city.

The cityscape of Vöhringen is characterized by a healthy mix of attractive living space, a modern and prosperous service center with green areas and recreational areas close to the city as well as a healthy commercial and infrastructure both in the core city area and in the surrounding industrial and commercial areas. Hospitality and cosmopolitanism of the approximately 13,000 inhabitants are an expression of the lively and diverse local community life and, in addition to an attractive range of cultural and leisure activities known far beyond the city limits, form the special attraction of Vöhringen.

Above all, the geographically central location of Vöhringen in the Unteres Illertal region and the optimal accessibility through the connection to the Ulm-Kempten railway line and the BAB 7, together with the proximity to the regional airport in Memmingen and the Ulm / Neu-Ulm metropolitan area, are outstanding location advantages, that make the city attractive for businesses and companies wishing to settle there. Active business development, the aim of which is to create a win-win situation for everyone involved, is a matter of course for us, as those responsible for healthy economic development. The city of Vöhringen is a reliable partner of all local companies and offers companies willing to relocate any conceivable support for a good start.




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