Verwaltungsverband Langenau


Within the context of the municipal corporation reform the city of Langenau and the municipal corporations of Altheim (Alb), Asselfingen, Ballendorf, Bernstadt, Börslingen, Breitingen, Holzkirch, Neenstetten, Öllingen, Rammingen, Setzingen and Weidenstetten have combined into the municipal administration union on January 1st 1973. We are both a service provider for the citizen  and a contact for guests, interested parties or visitors.

In 1984 the administration union founded its own music school – the administration union music school of Langenau, to which the corporations of Beimerstetten and Westerstetten affiliated. The school enrolment increased steadily. Signature feature is the lessons, that take place decentralized – even smaller corporations – and along the lines of “the teacher is driving”. In 2005 the corporation of Dornstadt joined. Currently about 1.500 students attend classes, thus this music school is the major municipal music school in the district of Alb-Donau.

Field of business or sector: Administrative community i.P. § 59 GemO and lower administrative authority according to § 14 LVerwG
Locations: Langenau, nothern Alb-Donau district
Employees: 143
Verwaltungsverband Langenau
Kuftenstraße 19
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