Refugee companion provides support for crafts enterprises

25. April 2016

The training placement for refugees in the regional crafts and trade  sector is being further intensified. The companies between Jagst and  Lake Constance will be now supported by a refugee companion. Susanne Lubos: "We want to give these people a career perspective in the crafts  and trade sector."

Lubos identifies in her capacity as a refugee companion refugees having  sufficient language skills and prospects for staying in Germany. She  coaches and accompanies them with a view to get them involved an internship, an introductory training or a vocational education. She also  supports these people in choosing a profession and provides further  orientation.

„All our activities provide a chance for our businesses to hire  motivated and dedicated young people", said Dr. Tobias Mehlich, chief  executive of the Chamber of Crafts and Trades in Ulm. "The first  placement achievements give us confidence for the current step. The  companies providing training are interested and encouraged by the  existing success stories." The companies´ demand and interest are  particularly noticeable in the fields of electrical and precision  engineering, food industries and construction. Last year, nearly 90  enterprises signaled their readiness to employ refugees. Many companies  are aware of the fact that the training of a refugee means increased  and  intensified training efforts. The Chamber of Crafts and Trades and its  employees provide their support for the regional companies.

The Ministry of Finance and Economics Baden-Württemberg promotes this  professional integration of refugees by supporting the refugee  companion  initiative within the programme "Integration through Training –  Prospects for Refugees".

Contact for interested training companies:

Nachwuchswerbung (Recruitment of young people), Dominik Maier, Telephone: 0731 1425 8203, Email:

Susanne Lubos, refugee companion