Your point of contact for questions about digitization

The Digitization Center (Digital Hub) Ulm | Alb-Danube | Biberach with its premises in Riedlingen, Ehingen, Biberach and Ulm is the first point of contact when dealers, industrial companies, craft businesses and service providers have questions about digitization.

To implement this, the digitization center Ulm | Alb-Danube | Biberach technical infrastructure as well as know-how for testing and developing new digital solutions, products and business models for companies in all industries. For this purpose, rooms for experiment rooms, information rooms and coworking spaces are provided.

Together with services such as advice and events as well as a central pilot and bundling function with regard to the offers already available from various actors, this will make it much easier for small and medium-sized companies in the region to access new technologies

BED Business Park Ehingen Donau
Talstraße 21, 89584 Ehingen (Donau)
Opened in May 2019

Langestrasse 19, 88499 Riedlingen

House of Digitization
Weinhof 9, 89073 Ulm

Hochschule Biberach
Karlstrasse 11, 88400 Biberach

Foto Eröffung Digitalisierungszentrum UAB

Grand opening of the digitization center Ulm | Alb-Danube | Biberach in May 2019 in Ehingen. Photo: © 2019 Jürgen Emmenlauer