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Ulm Innovation Region

A leader in the south

E-procurement platform for tenders

Here you will find tenders from cities, municipalities, rural districts and other clients in the Ulm innovation region.

The Ulm innovation region is online!

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Innovative, start-up active and economically strong.

The Ulm innovation region is one of the most economically dynamic and start-up regions in Germany. Top in the south! The advantages of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are combined here. According to FOCUS, our districts of Alb-Donau and Neu-Ulm are among the 30 most economically strong in Germany. The Prognos Future Atlas 2016 shows Ulm as a location with “very high future prospects” – in 17th place among 402 urban and rural districts.

First-class quality of life and working conditions.

But it’s not just the career and working conditions that are first class. The Ulm innovation region certifies the highest quality of life for the study “Deutschland zum Wohlfühlen” (Deutsche Bank Research): The Danube-Iller region is in first place. It is ahead in terms of life satisfaction, per capita income, low unemployment and a high birth rate. The “GlücksTrend” survey by ARD and infratest dimap 2013 showed that the Danube-Iller region is one of the six regions in Germany with the highest level of satisfaction among its population.

Nature and culture worth experiencing.

An environment of culture and nature worth experiencing: affordable rents and land prices, excellent educational and leisure facilities characterize the Ulm innovation region. Just feel good in a region that has a lot to offer.

Ten good reasons for the Ulm innovation region

Ten good reasons in two minutes: That is why the decision for the innovation region Ulm is exactly the right one.

Impressions from the "Jugend forscht" Day 2019

Germany’s best-known young talent competition aims to get young people excited about mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology, and to find and promote talent.

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