Successful work of the Welcome Center Ulm/Oberschwaben will be continued

11. November 2020

Good news for international specialists, students and companies in the Ulm/Oberschwaben region: The Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing of Baden-Württemberg is funding the project „Welcome Center“ for another three years. Thus, the Welcome Center Ulm/Oberschwaben can continue to make its important contribution to finding and retaining international skilled workers and to reducing the shortage of skilled workers in the region.

Despite the current mood of crisis, the shortage of skilled workers is foreseeable, although it has only weakened slightly for the time being. Especially the demographic change as well as the necessary flexibility newly learned through the crisis will lead to a further increase in the shortage of skilled workers until 2030: “There will also be a time after the crisis, for which the companies in the IHK Ulm region have to be prepared. Against this background, the Welcome Center acts as the first point of contact and advice for regional companies, international specialists and students, supports them in establishing contacts, designing processes and providing information on topics such as current entry and residence regulations or living and working in the region,” says Max-Martin W. Deinhard, CEO of the Ulm Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Securing the demand for skilled workers for our companies and promoting a welcome culture for international skilled workers are long-term tasks,” emphasized State Secretary Katrin Schütz at the presentation of the grant notice during a virtual meeting of the state network of Baden-Württemberg Welcome Centers.

The Ulm Chamber of Industry and Commerce looks back on six years of successful work and welcomes the continuation of the project, especially with regard to the expanded opportunities provided by the Specialist Immigration Act implemented since March 2020. Since the Welcome Center was founded in 2014, a total of 431 companies have received advice on topics such as immigration and visa law, recruitment and recognition of foreign qualifications. In addition, 875 international specialists and students have been advised, in particular on the German application process and job search, but also on topics such as entry and visa options, language, further education and recognition of degrees. More than two thirds of the international experts and students come from third countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Cameroon, India or Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing Construction is supporting the work of the Welcome Center Ulm/Upper Swabia with 199,400 euros from January 1, 2021 to the end of 2023.

The prospects for children and young people in the Ulm innovation region are exceptionally good. Girls and boys are already involved in science and technology in kindergarten. Model projects ensure a close connection between kindergarten and primary school. The international school and the basketball boarding school at the Ursprung school in Schelklingen enable learning in an international environment. A large number of secondary schools prepare students for their studies and professional life. Education networks enable the exchange of experience between the world of work and school.

With their wide range of subjects, the University of Ulm, Ulm University of Applied Sciences and Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences are extremely popular. This is evidenced by the steadily growing number of students. The good rankings in university rankings certainly contribute to this.