Become a member of the Ulm innovation region

Location marketing needs active and convinced multipliers – from as many areas of public, economic and social life as possible. All actors in the innovation region are therefore called upon to identify visibly with “their” location. And under the premise “The clever alternative” to confidently convey its qualities and advantages to the outside.

Help shape the future of the region

With the Verein zur Förderung der Innovationsregion Ulm – Spitze im Süden e.V., a platform is made available to all interested parties in the region. It enables you to position yourself more effectively in the competition. Not only the municipalities are beneficiaries. Every company involved also benefits. It can underline its special individuality and market competence in the context of the joint appearance.

Membership Benefits

The annual fee for membership in the Ulm innovation region is EUR 500 and includes

  • advertising with a logo, photo and company profile on the Ulm innovation region website
  • Invitation to interesting ones Events
  • Platform to get to know other members and to make business contacts
  • Participation in events under the umbrella of the Ulm innovation region, e.g. for career exchanges, recruiting fairs
  • advertising material / brochures with a uniform design line
  • special conditions, e.g. in the manual “Profiles – A portrait of employers”

additional advantages

  • Self-confident citizens and employees identify more strongly with their home location and with the employers based there.
  • Young, well-educated people make it easier for them to plan their lives in the region.
  • Communication between members promotes synergy effects.
  • Members receive arguments for promoting their own location.

To become a member, fill out the application and to the innovation region Ulm. The board decides on the admission of the member.

If you are interested in membership, please contact the office:

Ulm Innovation Region
Olgastr. 101
D-89073 Ulm

fon: +49 (0) 731 / 173-121
fax: +49 (0) 731 / 173-5121