Education in the innovation region


Childcare in the Ulm innovation region

From the crèche to the daycare center to the “little researchers’ house”: clever alternatives for childcare are the order of the day in the Ulm innovation region. For example in the model project “Bildungshaus 3 – 10”: children from kindergarten and primary school learn and play together. Getting girls and boys excited about experimenting and researching at pre-school age: this is made possible by the “Little Scientists’ House” initiative. Over 600 trained educators in the region make science and technology come alive.

The childcare options range from municipal or church-run crèches, kindergartens and daycare centers to private facilities such as the Montessori children’s homes.

Kindergartens in the Ulm innovation region

There are a multitude of facilities in the cities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm, the Alb-Donau district and the district of Neu-Ulm: kindergartens, day care centers and childcare facilities.

Bildungshäuser 3-10

The model “Bildungshaus 3-10” aims to interlink kindergarten and primary school beyond the usual cooperation.

Little Scientists Foundation

The non-profit Stiftung Kinder forschen (Little Scientists Foundation, formerly “House of Little Researchers”) aims to strengthen children for the future, provide them with important skills, and enable them to act in a sustainable way.

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