Best job prospects and career opportunities

Dual training offers the best career prospects and career opportunities, whether in trade, trade or industry. According to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce skilled labor monitor, an average of 8,400 specialists with dual training will be missing in our region by 2030 per year. In addition, the companies’ need for masters, technicians or technical business economists with higher qualifications remains high. Until 2030, an average of 4,000 skilled workers will be missing here every year.


Dual training in the craft

Anyone who decides to do an apprenticeship in the skilled trades puts their further career path on a solid foundation. The craft trains in over 130 professions. Hardly any other industry in Germany is so diverse. The chambers of handicrafts provide the necessary support in choosing a profession, looking for an apprenticeship and vocational training.


What offers are available? Overview of all apprenticeship occupations!

Apprenticeships radar

Free apprenticeships in the apprenticeship radar of the Chamber of Crafts.

Dual training in trade and industry

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Swabia and Ulm are active in a variety of ways to point out the career opportunities of dual training. In addition to trainees who advertise their profession as training ambassadors, it is above all the advice given to schoolchildren based on the IHK competence check that shows specific career prospects and helps in choosing a career.

Apprenticeship portal

The apprenticeship portal: search and find training places in our region.

Apprenticeships A-Z

What apprenticeships are available? Here you get an overview from A to Z.

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