Ulm trades fair – locations and offers online now

19. August 2015

Fairtrade enables small farmers and producers in Africa, Latin America and Asia to support their families and villages independently, and to improve their living and working conditions. The higher prices of Fairtrade products ensure a living wage for workers.

However, fair trade is only possible if there is a market for these products in the countries in which they are sold. The newly established website ulm-handelt-fair.de presents shops and restaurants offering fair products in Ulm. Associations, educational institutions and church parishes with very different kinds of activities in this sector can also be found here. For example, Student Union cafeterias use five to six tonnes of Fairtrade coffee every year; the Ulmer Weltladen offers a wide selection of food, clothing and giftware and the Schulzentrum St. Hildegard is Ulm’s first Fairtrade school. In addition, the website contains background information and event announcements.

The mainly voluntary members of the steering group “Fairtrade Town Ulm” work to inform the general public of the issue and communicate information about it. During the past two years, a network of traders, restaurants, schools and associations has been established, now listed on the website. Together they organise lectures, carry out tasting sessions and issue publications. The steering group decides what information, provided by the network members, should be published on ulm-handelt-fair.de. The Ulmer Weltladen e.V. association commissioned the company reg.io to create the website. This was made possible by the support of the Ulmer Bürger Stiftung. The Agenda-Büro is responsible for the website’s continued updating.

Ulm trades fair – locations and offers online now

Ulm is a Fairtrade City. This status confirms Ulm’s commitment to promoting fair trade and ensuring consumers are aware of the background behind the concept, where products can be sourced, and any Fairtrade activities. The new website ulm-handelt-fair.de lists which organisations are involved and how to join this initiative.

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