Attractive to new residents

26. August 2015

By 2030, the population of the Ulm IHK region will grow by over 2.5 percent and exceed 500.000. The region´s population of approximately 493.000 in 2012 is expected to increase to more than 505.000 people by 2030. The growth rate of 2.2 percent is above the national average.

Compared to the other twelve IHK regions in Baden-Württemberg, this figure constitutes the fifth highest population increase. In view of demographic trends – since 2006 the number of deaths has exceeded the number of births in Baden-Württemberg – the region will benefit from net immigration gains, according to these forecasts.

“Our region is remarkable not only for its economic dynamics, but also for the expected population growth. This is occuring despite the tendency of the largest cities in Baden-Württemberg to attract significantly more people. Fundamentally this reaffirms the attractiveness of our region,” says Otto Sälzle, Chief Executive of the IHK. “We must ensure appropriate conditions in order to remain attractive in the future to incomers and thus skilled workers. In particular, these include the transport infrastructure, broadband development, health care and affordable housing.”

Attractive to new residents

The Ulm region is an attractive location to live and work. Thanks to its economic strength and good educational opportunities, an increasing number of people want to live and work in the region. According to current projections of population growth, developed by the Baden-Württemberg State Statistical Office, the Ulm Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) region can expect a significant increase in the number of new residents.

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