Ice Age Art meets Contemporary Art

15. October 2015

After the first exhibition of this type, in 2013, was highly successful, the Lonetal Association and its cooperation partners pro arte Ulmer Kunststiftung and the Municipality of Langenau have decided to continue this exhibition concept. The uniqueness of the nearly 40,000-year-old Ice Age sculptural art found in this region is reason enough to take up the ideas of the Ice Age artists and to reinterpret them, as difficult as this may be. The Lonetal association is a cultural and development association which aims to motivate contemporary artists to to be insprired by this ‘art period’. Three artists from the Ulm/Göppingen region have therefore been invited to give their responses to the Ice Age art.

In her painting, ‘What does the Ulm Minster know, what we do not know’ the artist Anneliese Hermes employs the Ice Age theme. The color white stands for calmness and stillness as well as for history. Small bright-white motives occur over and over on the painting’s expressive colours and vigorous brushstrokes.

The term ‘Neoarchaik’ was coined by Bertram Bartl, one of the participating artists. Since 2001 he has been engaged in painting, printmaking and sculpture within the art movement he initiated. The word ‘Neo’- Archaik determines the approach of the artist: he works like an archaeologist, only backwards – Bartl puts layers of his iron oxide paint one by one onto the canvas.

In his new series of works, the painter, sculptor and performance artist Reiner Schlecker looks at the formika rufa, the red wood ant. Why has this species survived unchanged for millions of years? Millions of years, during which the diversity of species has developed. Was it an accident or was it an intention of evolution, a precisely planned standstill, such as that seen in elms, mosses and horsetails?

Get the answers to these questions at the exhibition “Zeitgenössische Kunst zur Eiszeitkunst II“ from 25 October until 29 November, Sundays 14:00 – 17:00, at the Kulturbahnhof Langenau. Admission is free.

Ice Age Art meets Contemporary Art

The exhibition “Zeitgenössische Kunst zur Eiszeitkunst II“ opens at the Kulturbahnhof Langenau on Sunday 25 October at 11:00. Silke Schuck, Director of the Municipal Gallery Stihl in Waiblingen will deliver the exhibition’s opening speech. Langenau Municipal Association School will provide musical entertainment.

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