Frauenbüro Ulm releases a new guide for women

16. September 2016

Due to high demand, the Women´s Centre (“Frauenbüro”) has revised its previous “Handbook for Women” and reissued it as “Guide for Women”. This reference book, consisting of more than 200 pages, provides useful information on women´s issues and initiatives in Ulm. It should motivate women “to spring into action themselves”, because “there are so many diverse offerings by organisations, associations and interest groups for women and girls”, – says Diana Bayer, director of the Women´s Centre.

Advisory centres can use the guide to find suitable offers in their area of expertise. The 12-chapter reference book provides an overview of offers for work and profession, adult education, family, health, violence, politics and legal advice. It appeals to young and older women as well as women with a migration background. The guide is free of charge and is currently being sent to advisory centres. In addition, it will be laid open to public at municipal institutions such as district centres and libraries.

Info: You can order the Women´s Guide at the Women´s Centre, Frauenstraße 19, 89073 Ulm, phone:  (0731) 161 10 61, email: It is also available at:

Photo: City of Ulm