New language courses tailored to the working world

18. August 2017
“We are one of the biggest language schools in the region,” says VH-Manager Dagmar Engels. In 300 different courses, 22 languages can be studied. The Ulm Volkshochschule endeavours to concentrate on the needs of the people in the region, which is why many new language courses will be introduced in the Autumn, including language courses as well as intercultural training for the workplace, and the interdisciplinary series: “Language and Culture”. There will be English, French, Spanish and Italian language courses at every level.
It is not only language which plays an important part in communication with global business partners. In addition, a knowledge of cultural characteristics is significant. Intercultural training for the areas of the USA, France, Spain, Latin America, Italy, Russia, China and Japan are offered as part of the Ulm Volkshochschule course programme. The aim is to facilitate effective communication during business trips to business partners. The courses also offer practical role plays.
Language and culture
The series: “Language and Culture” delivered in cooperation with the ‘Frauenforum’ is a new offering. The aim is to discuss different topics including literature, art, philosophy, society and politics in different languages. The courses also offer an excellent opportunity to get to know new people.