International Danube Festival 2018

26. March 2018

“The Danube Festival is a showcase of cultural diversity in the Danube region, but also the opportunity to encounter the new and the socio-political debate on current issues. It stands for a cooperation without borders in peace and freedom, “welcomed Ulm Mayor Gunter Czisch visitors and guests from the Danube region at the opening of the 10th International Danube Festival in July 2016 a Ulmer Schachtel the middle of the Danube. “Especially in difficult political times in which the European community of states must ever prove more than, helps such a festival, such a meeting of European countries to put the We-thoughts into focus,” added Mayor Gerold Noerenberg for Neu-Ulm Page.
The we-thought and cooperation without borders in peace and freedom will be at the forefront also in 2018 when the 11th International Danube Festival from 6th to July 15th both banks artists, guests and friends from all countries along the Danube to make great feast of encounters. Thus, the Danube Festival every two years is a stage and anchor the varied and important activities in our Danube twin cities.
As evidence of its European and international character communicate the International Danube Festival 2016 was the first time the newly established EFFE Label (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe), an EU award for internationality and cultural diversity at European festivals. A successful bid for the EFFE Label 2017/2018 already took place, so that the 11th International Danube Festival 2018 will be part of the European Festival family.
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