Ulm … let’s face it

5. April 2018

Now, the International City Coordination Office and its partner institutions are taking the campaign into its next stage. From 19 April to 4 May, an ‘International Embassy’ will be constructed as a temporary piece of public architecture. It’s planned location is the Hans-und-Sophie-Scholl-Platz, since in our opinion such a message is most effectively delivered within the vicinity of the town hall. For the first time ever, all eight agencies of the International City will act together in one place.

The International City Coordination Office is an institution of the City of Ulm. Together with seven partner institutions – the IHK Welcome Centre, the vh Ulm, de, ‘Verschwörhaus’, the In Via Recognition Advisers, ‘Engagiert in Ulm’, the Donaubüro and EuropeDirect – their mission and cause is to promote positive coexistence between all the peoples of Ulm, with or without international roots.

To date, the partners’ various offerings were somewhat isolated, both geographically and in time. Now they should publically be perceived as one whole. Participation and civil dialogue are keywords in integrating all the peoples of Ulm. The embassy project includes a participatory photo exhibition, an interactive log book, and a project by the German-American community artist Carly Schmitt. Elis Schmeer, Head of the International City Coordination Office, hopes ultimately to receive extensive feedback from the public in order to further develop an ‘International City’ that is in touch with the people. In particular, greater involvement of young people is hoped for. Therefore, the Embassy will be implemented together with the city’s Digital Agenda.

Interested parties can already submit photos for the upcoming exhibition on Instagram using hashtags #internationalebotschaft and #everdayulm. An detailed programmed including all scheduled events and opening hours is being currently in preparation. For further information please contact Elis Schmeer, e.schmeer@ulm.de, 161 5605.


Ulm … let’s face it

For several weeks, the poster campaign “When I think of Ulm”, orchestrated by the International City Coordination Office and its partner institutions, has lined the city streets. The colourful posters have short, striking slogans such as “Ulm … let’s face it” or “I dream of speaking German in English”. The idea is to give a view, sometimes with tongue-in-cheek, of our city through international eyes, to promote the ‘international’ attractions offered by various agencies within our urban community.

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