Fundraising campaign “A stone for Einstein” now available EU-wide

30. June 2020

In 2018, the Albert Einstein Discovery Center Ulm e.V. started its crowdfunding campaign “A Stone for Einstein” first in Germany, later also in Austria. Now the elaborately designed panels, on which an original stone from Albert Einstein’s birthplace, each with an edge length of two centimetres, is available throughout the EU. The next step is to extend the campaign to the USA. The total number of stones from the birthplace of Albert Einstein is limited to one million.

“This is not a commercial crowdfunding campaign: Instead, we want to collect as many donations as possible for our charitable project. That’s why it was initially a challenge for us to clarify the legal framework in all EU countries,” reports Dr. Nancy Hecker-Denschlag, chairwoman of the association. In addition, we had to set up the logistics process for shipping the Einstein Tables throughout Europe and develop a new website with the corresponding shop functionality.

The proceeds will go directly to the “Albert Einstein Discovery Center Ulm” project. This discovery center is to become unique in many respects. For there are many museums of history, art and natural sciences, but nowhere is the Discovery Center’s complete three-part approach: the life story of Albert Einstein, a technological homage to his influence on contemporary life, and the opportunity to share his scientific world of discovery in interactive hands-on experiences.

Even before the launch of the new website, a new database is now available at https://ein-stein-fü, where sponsors who have already purchased an Einstein plaque can register as official donors. This database is integrated into the Wilken E-Marketing Suite, which the company provides to the association free of charge. “With the support of the Wilken Software Group, we now have a platform through which we can communicate with our donors and keep them up to date on the development of the project,” says Dr. Nancy Hecker-Denschlag.

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