HENSOLDT supports the foundation of a centre for digitalisation

14. December 2021

The sensor solution provider HENSOLDT supports the foundation of a “Transfer Centre for Digitalisation, Analytics & Data Science Ulm” (DASU). Together with the city of Ulm and IHK Ulm, HENSOLDT is participating in the centre with €50,000 as one of eight other donors from industry and is contributing its own experience in digital technologies to this initiative.

“The AI-based evaluation of big data is an important driver for digitalisation in all economic sectors,” says Dr Jürgen Bestle, Chief Technology Officer at HENSOLDT. “The centre offers a platform for the exchange of experience and research results between industry, SMEs and science, which we want to use. As a high-tech company, we have relevant knowledge and outstanding expertise here.”

DASU offers services related to digitalisation, especially to medium-sized companies, which individual companies would find difficult to set up on their own. To this end, it plans to grow from eight to about 20 employees by 2025. The sensor manufacturer HENSOLDT uses data-driven processes in many areas, e.g. in sensor data fusion or object classification.

The constituent Founders’ Meeting, which was held virtually, was opened by Professor Manfred Reichert, Chairman of the DASU Board of Directors, and introduced with greetings from Jonas Pürckhauer, Deputy Chief Executive of the Ulm Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ulm Mayor Gunter Czisch, Professor Michael Weber, President of the University of Ulm, and Professor Volker Reuter, Rector of the Ulm University of Technology.

Exemplary for the future activities of DASU, Professor Kathrin Stucke-Straub from the Ulm University of Technology presented a project for the generation of artificial training data for drug development. “The Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) used in drug development to generate artificial training data can also be used, for example, for our applications in the field of aviation and security” said HENSOLDT CTO Dr Jürgen Bestle.

At HENSOLDT’s Ulm site, around 2,500 employees are involved in the development and production of complex safety electronics, including radars, electronic protection systems and high-frequency electronics. The majority of the employees are engineers and technicians, and about 120 young people are in training.

[Foto: DASU/ Stock Adobe/Hensoldt]