Uzin Utz receives Environmental Management Award

14. December 2021

Uzin Utz was awarded the German Environmental Management Prize 2021 in the category “Best Measure Climate Protection” on 23 November. The prize was offered for the first time on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. Uzin Utz landed at the top of the winner’s podium with its biomass balance approach and was awarded at the hybrid conference by the Federal Environment Ministry in Berlin. The award was given to actors who have made outstanding contributions to climate and environmental protection as well as environmental communication.

For many years, Uzin Utz has been determined to create value not only for its customers and itself, but also for future generations. This mindset has shaped its behaviour, not only in economic terms, but also towards the environment and society. With the use of biomass-based binders from BASF, the family-owned company underpins its conviction and continues to drive the issue of climate protection forward. The company-wide goal within the framework of the PASSION 2025 strategy is to reduce climate-damaging emissions by 25%.

Use of biomass-based binders

Since May 2021, Uzin Utz has been using biomass-based binders, thereby reducing CO2 emissions on the raw material side by approximately 3,000 tonnes per year. This is made possible by the biomass balance (BMB) approach. In BASF SE’s production Verbund, biobased raw materials are fed into the production process at the beginning and mathematically allocated to the end products. In this way, the proportion of binders based on renewable raw materials in Uzin Utz’s laying systems is successively increased, which conserves fossil resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Product quality and properties remain at the same high level for the installer. Neither formulations nor equipment or processes have to be adapted. “Together with our suppliers, we are actively driving forward the use of bio-based raw materials,” said Philipp Utz, member of the board at Uzin Utz, at the award ceremony. “By receiving the Environmental Management Award 2021, we underline the importance of sustainability for the entire value chain and at the same time thank BASF, without whom the whole thing would not even be possible,” Philipp Utz continued. Product innovations and top quality have been the most important value drivers and decisive for success for years, along with partnership-based cooperation with suppliers.

Uzin Utz landed at the top of the winners' podium with its biomass balance approach and was awarded a prize by the Federal Environment Ministry in Berlin as part of the hybrid conference. Board member Philipp Utz accepted the award on the spot. [Foto: © BMU Christoph Wehrer]