University network founds “Dual Career Network Swabia”

27. January 2022

In May 2021, the universities in Neu-Ulm, Biberach, Kempten and Ulm, as well as the University of Ulm signed the declaration of intent, and now the “Dual Career Network Swabia” has been officially founded: The presidiums and rectors of the universities in the network adopted the guidelines for the new regional network on Thursday and business in the region and promotes dual-career partnerships promoted. From now on, other institutions from the region can join the network free of charge.

The newly founded network closes a blank spot on the dual-career map: Up to now, there have been no dual-career partnerships. Up to now there was no overarching network for dual career partnerships in the region of Neu-Ulm, Ulm, Biberach and Kempten. The “Dual Career Network Swabia” (DCNS) is the first regional service for partners and families of professors, academics, scientists,  specialists and managers in Swabia.

Aim: cooperation between science and industry in the competition for skilled workers and and executives

Through this cooperation, the services related to the professional placement of partners in the region can be organised more efficiently in the future. “With the Dual Career Network Swabia, the founding universities and their partners are making a contribution to the recruiting and retaining excellent employees. In this way, we strengthen Swabia as a location for science and business in global competition,” explains HNU President Prof. Dr. Uta M. Feser. The DCNS expressly invites other institutions such as universities and companies in the region from the fields of science and business to join as network partners.

For further information on the network and how to join, the DCNS coordinator Stephanie Bühren ( will be happy to help.

About Dual Career Services

Dual-Career-Services at universities and in companies support the partners of specialists and executives in a region in finding new jobs establishing a common centre of life. They provide information for dual-career couples and advise the partners moving in with them in their search for a professional career and connection opportunities.


Prof. Dr. Michael Weber, President of Ulm University; Prof. Dr. Uta M. Feser, President of Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences; Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hauke, President of Kempten University of Applied Sciences; (bottom row, from left to right): Prof. Dr. André Bleicher, Rector of Biberach University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Volker Reuter, Rector of Ulm University of Technology. Photo: Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences