Member braun-steine receives international design award

13. November 2023

The member company of Innovation Region Ulm braun-steine receives the international design award FOCUS OPEN Gold for longitudinal turf joint stone

The longitudinal turf joint stone with VARIO function from braun-steine has been awarded the international design prize FOCUS OPEN Gold by the Design Center Baden-Württemberg. What convinced the jury was that aspects such as sustainability, functionality, durability and aesthetics, which make up innovative design, can be found both in the product and in its application. The longitudinal turf joint stone with VARIO function consists of 30% rock recyclate. Stable sub-cams allow joints of different widths (30 and 55 mm) in which water can seep away, but which also offer space for greenery. Overall, less material has to be used on the surface. With the formally reduced stone, floor surfaces can be structured with different grids – the joints become a design feature. Thanks to its patent-pending tongue-and-groove teeth, the longitudinal turf joint stone is also suitable for heavy use. In its simplicity, which is based on a clever concept, it makes an important contribution to the climate resilience of cities, according to the jury.

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