City of Neu-Ulm

Public Administration

Fit for the future
Neu-Ulm is an open town that is characterised by its dynamic development. And right now, Neu-Ulm is going through considerable changes. A number of large-scale projects in the recent past have had a positive impact on the town’s landscape. And the process is far from over.The railways tracks throughout the town centre have been lowered, which has facilitated urban development in the inner town. The State Horticultural Show was held here in 2008. A flood protection system has been constructed and a new higher education institute has been built along with a multipurpose hall. Moreover, the former redevelopment areas now have new uses and important transport routes have been redesigned. All of these factors have contributed to making Neu-Ulm fit for the future.

Diverse economic structure
A number of reputable companies have located their operations here and created jobs, attracted by the good transport connections and the fact that Neu-Ulm and Ulm together constitute a new regional centre. The business landscape is varied and largely represented by SMEs, which makes Neu-Ulm an attractive work location, where, tradition and technical progress go hand in hand.

The city as an employer
As a local government, we offer our citizens services in many important situations. We attach great importance to a comprehensive service for our citizens on a wide variety of citizens’ concerns and life situations. That is why our workplaces are very diverse and complex.

We offer jobs …
… in the management,
… in commercial and craft areas as well
… in social areas.

We offer…
… opportunities and diversity,
… quality of work,
… advanced training and health promotion,
… part-time work and flexible working hours
… and last but not least secure jobs.

What do we expect for that?
Openness to new things, readiness for change and the will to make Neu-Ulm fit for the future.

Field of business or sector: Öffentlicher Dienst
Locations: Neu-Ulm
Employees: approx 880
City of Neu-Ulm
Augsburger Straße 15
Tel.: +49 (0)731 70 50 0