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The district of Günzburg is an endearing home, an up-and-coming tourist region and a central economic area at the interface of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

It is located in the north-west of the Swabian government district between the two university cities Augsburg and Ulm, exactly half the way to the Stuttgart and Munich metropolitan areas. The convenient location at the intersection of the A 7 (Hamburg-Füssen) and A 8 (Stuttgart-Munich) highways is a particular advantage of the northern district. The two international airports of Stuttgart and Munich and the two regional airports in Augsburg and Memmingen are therefore easily accessible. The European rail transversal Paris-Stuttgart-Augsburg-Munich-Vienna also runs through the district.

Bavarian-Swabian neighbors are the districts of Dillingen, Augsburg, Unterallgäu and Neu-Ulm. With an area of ​​762 km2 and a north-south extension of 38 km and an east-west extension of 27 km, it is one of the medium-sized districts of Bavaria. Its 120,000 inhabitants live in 34 municipalities with a traditionally and structurally determined high population density of 160 inhabitants/km². Of the municipalities belonging to the district, nine are municipalities, the others are divided into seven administrative communities. The city of Günzburg is the seat of the district administration and has the status of a large district town.

Today’s Günzburg district was created in 1972 as part of the district reform. It was largely formed from the earlier districts of Günzburg and Krumbach and the previously independent city of Günzburg.

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