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Transporeon – We have logistics in our blood

In less than 20 years, Transporeon has grown from a small start-up to a multinational logistics software provider with more than 600 employees and branches all over the world. The secret of our success? We only do what we really understand. On our TRANSPORT LOGISTICS PLATFORMS, we link all the players involved to form a well-functioning logistics chain. And in the combination of in-depth industry knowledge with IT expertise and with a deep insight into the needs of our customers, we now operate one of the largest cloud-based logistics platforms in the world.

Our cloud-based logistics software offers end-to-end solutions for transport logistics – Transporeon is therefore a full service provider for shippers, suppliers, trading companies, goods recipients and freight forwarders. This creates efficiency for everyone involved in the logistics chain. Our large databases and AI-controlled logistics software enable all network partners to optimize their processes continuously and with every transport. The more Transporeon, the more efficient the processes.

In addition to its core products, Transporeon has TICONTRACT for solutions for contract management between shippers and carriers. MERCAREON is Transporeon’s provider of TIME WINDOW and YARD MANAGEMENT especially for retail companies. And TIM CONSULT is the specialist for transport logistics consulting and market intelligence.

Field of business or sector: Development, sales and distribution of web-based logistic services in order to optimize transport logistic processes of industrial and trading companies
Locations: Ulm, Mannheim, Berlin, Kempten, Paris, Krakau, Paris, Singapur, Philadelphia, Wien, Talinn (17 Stadtorte worldwide)
Employees: 1400
Heidenheimer Straße 55/1
Tel.: 0731 169 06 0