Women’s Academy Ulm: New Course Programme in English

30. September 2016

It is not an easy task to build a new home in a foreign country and culture. Learning the local language is without doubt essential to successful integration. However, it is a long, often quite challenging and time-consuming process. Until a certain level of fluency is acquired, the participation in social life is very limited. Therefore, the Women’s Academy Ulm strives to enable international women to play a part in cultural and social issues without a language barrier. Complex themes in literature, history, art, politics, psychology, philosophy, economics and natural sciences can be discussed with other seminar participants. In addition, some workshops and excursions are offered in “Easy German”. This can contribute to development of a solid network, which can be helpful while settling in.
Current programme

Next events:

New semester starts, Tuesday, 4 October, 10:30 am, Albert´s Café/EinsteinHaus
Dr. Dagmar Engels will introduce the design concept of Otl Aicher´s posters. Visitors are invited to enjoy the poster´s presentation getting together with a cup of coffee.

Women’s Club, Thursday, 5 October, 9:30 am, Club Orange
Open to all women: meet other women and broaden your network.
You are welcome to bring your baby with you.

Women’s Academy Ulm: New Course Programme in English

Starting in spring 2016, the Women’s Academy Ulm has expanded its course programme including seminars in English. The aim is to help women who have recently arrived in the Ulm region to start their integration in the new environment. German-speaking women can also take part in the seminars, in order to refresh their language skills, get a glimpse of other cultures and make new contacts.

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