International students meet regional companies: “Make it in Ulm!”

3. November 2020

Fachkräftebündnis Ulm/Oberschwaben aims to attract international students as specialists for the regional economy.

There are many opportunities for international students to complete their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at regional universities. The range of courses they take ranges from chemical engineering to computer science and advanced materials. A student studying Communications Technology at the University of Ulm reports: “I am currently doing my Master’s in Ulm and am already working as a student trainee in an industrial group in Ulm. The beautiful region and the mentality of the people inspire me! It would be great to find a job here”.

The job fair for international students “International students meet regional companies – Make it in Ulm!” of the Ulm/Oberschwaben alliance of specialists will take place this year on November 17, 2020 – corona-related as a virtual event. International students can inform themselves about career opportunities in the region and get in contact with regional companies, comfortably from their sofa.

What is behind the virtual event? In the app of, students and companies can present their profile even before the event. The digital “Jobwall” offers an exchange platform for job offers for interns, working students and graduates. If the “chemistry is right”, both parties agree on “a DATE” for an online job interview on the day of the event. On November 17th, there will be exciting lectures on the topic of the regional job market for international students. Companies in the region can also use the event for their employer branding and present themselves to the international target group as an attractive employer.

Interested companies and students can find information about the event and registration on the website of the IHK Ulm at

The organizer of “International studens meet regional companies – Make it in Ulm” is the Fachkräftebündnis Ulm/Oberschwaben. The project partners are the IHK Ulm as the supporter for the coordination office Fachkräftebündnis Ulm/Oberschwaben, the Welcome Center for international experts and the project specialists for the region as well as the city of Ulm, the Alb-Danube district, the employment agency, the University of Ulm, the THU (Technical University Ulm) and the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm. In addition, the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing of Baden-Württemberg is sponsoring the event.

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