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AXION – more than 15 years of quality, guidance and service on the move.

Since more than 15 years AXION is working on Safety & Comfort Solutions for all kind of vehicles, starting from passenger cars to any kind of truck, bus, agriculture and construction machinery. We help our clients to get the right solution for their individual needs. We provide overall view, whether for rear view cameras, blind spot solutions or side view. Whether navigation, entertainment, connection to the internet, recording to prevent damages, indoor surveillance in buses and trains – adaptation to almost any vehicle by using existing facilities – we provide solutions matching tot he customer´s requirements.

We look forward to your requirements and challenges. Let us drive the change ahead.

Field of business or sector: entertainment, information and security for all kinds of vehicles
Locations: Weißenhorn
Employees: 14
Röntgenstraße 4
Tel.: 07309 42 88 0