Cluster Nutzfahrzeuge Schwaben e.V.

Vehicle construction, mechanical engineering, supplier industry

The Cluster Commercial Vehicles Swabia (CNS)
The Cluster Commercial Vehicles Swabia e.V. was founded in December 2007. The initiative for this came from the IHK Ulm and the IHK Schwaben (Swabia) in Augsburg. The region of Swabia has one of the highest concentrations of activities around commercial vehicles, special vehicles and work machines nationwide. In addition to leading vehicle manufacturers, well-known suppliers, component manufacturers and service providers with a wide range of products are among the main pillars of this industry. Close cooperation between the companies and the universities in the region ensures the high technical standard of their products.

The main idea
Talking to each other, working with each other and generating success with each other, that’s what makes you strong, gives impulses and also the confidence of being part of the current developments in the industry. The Cluster Commercial Vehicles Swabia offers the platform for this. We ensure that companies get to know each other and talk to each other.

The CNS brings together managers and specialists from business, science and society. The Commercial Vehicles Swabia cluster creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. Membership in the CNS network becomes an additional resource and thus an important investment in the future.

Subject-oriented working groups
The central activities of the CNS are its working groups. The different experiences of the participants are particularly valuable in order to jointly deepen topics, to work out solutions to problems. There are currently five working groups in the CNS that independently decide on their work topics. They are led by experienced senior experts and are open to all interested professionals.

Entrepreneurs’ meeting
Knowing how and what others are doing is valuable. Synergies and opportunities for cooperation are important elements for the development of a company. Getting first-hand information like this is the supreme discipline of innovative corporate management. The CNS brings together owners and responsible people on site at the member companies.

Field of business or sector: Network organization in Ulm
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Cluster Nutzfahrzeuge Schwaben e.V.
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