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With around 14,700 inhabitants, Langenau is one of the largest towns in the Alb-Donau district. If you include the surrounding communities that form part of the Langenau administrative district, a total of 25,000 people shop, work or attend school in our town, which is located just 17 km from Ulm.

Transport links

Langenau is located on the idyllic borders of the Swabian Alb mountain range and offers attractive shopping opportunities. Langenau is easily accessible by road via the A7 and A8 motorways. It can also easily be reached by public transport because it is connected to the Ulm-Aalen railway line and has its own railway station.

Life in Langenau

Langenau benefits from an excellent infrastructure, including a hospital, eight nurseries, schools offering a variety of school-leaving qualifications, a railway station, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, several restaurants and coffee shops, youth clubs, five pharmacies, over 20 doctors, a public library, the Pfleghof cultural centre and more than 80 clubs and associations.

Business location

With its business parks, Langenau is a location with a promising future. Exactly mid-way between Stuttgart and Munich, it offers all the advantages of economically vibrant southern Germany. Both land prices and the cost of living are significantly lower in this high-quality environment than they are in major conurbations.

The business park, which lies directly on the A7 right next to the Ulm/Elchingen motorway junction (A7/A8), covers about 100,000 square meters. Its plots are ideal for medium and large enterprises, and are available in a variety of different sizes.
For traders, commercial enterprises and service companies, we offer areas close to town. These central sites are easily accessible from the town centre and are located only 3 kilometers from the motorway.

Field of business or sector: public administration, business development, tourism etc.
Locations: Northern Alb-Donau district, directly on the A7 and A8 motorways
Employees: 370
Stadt Langenau
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