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Weißenhorn as the oldest and unique historical city in the district of Neu-Ulm looks back on more than 850 years of eventful history. The medieval town center and the entire inner city area have been set up as listed buildings. The structure of the former ring walls can still be clearly seen today. The entire old town area was completely renovated more than 20 years ago. A timely renovation was successfully carried out here to give the modern space as well.
The city has now grown to 13,600 inhabitants and is developing not only as an attractive residential city, but also as an expanding commercial and business location. Weißenhorn is well connected to the trunk road network via the motorway connections on the BAB 7 and BAB 8. In 2013 the railway line (Ulm) – Senden -Weißenhorn could be reactivated so that the upper center Ulm / Neu-Ulm can be reached by public transport in just under 25 minutes.
Weißenhorn offers an excellent infrastructure that covers all areas of life. All types of school, including privately run, are represented up to the high school, day care centers for all age groups are exemplary and sufficiently available. The city’s social commitment is supplemented by facilities such as the Clinic of the District Hospital Foundation, a nursing home and senior home in a prime location, a social center with outpatient care services. Sufficiently qualified general practitioners and specialists are represented on site to ensure further health care. Offers for “senior-friendly living” are also available.
In a lively city center there is a wide range of shops and a well-kept restaurant invites you to linger. Cultural life in Weißenhorn is not neglected either. This is promoted by facilities such as the newly built Fuggerhalle with events up to 1600 standing room, the historic city theater as a unique piece in Bavaria, the old town hall, and for the cabaret the Schranne is the oldest building in the city. (Culture in the Schranne).
Not to be forgotten are the city library, which covers the entire spectrum of the modern media landscape, and of course the Weißenhorn local history museum with its permanent exhibition on local history and the temporary exhibitions on contemporary art and subject processing.
The administration of the city of Weißenhorn is located on the premises of the Fugger and Neuffenschloss directly in the city center on Schlossplatz.
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Field of business or sector: city administration
Locations: Weißenhorn
Employees: 230
Stadt Weißenhorn
Schlossplatz 1
Tel.: 07309/84-0