Aluminium building systems


Successful partnership for tailor-made facade solutions
WICONA realizes sophisticated, functional and energy-efficient facades of the highest quality. The respective design requests and technical requirements of the client form the highest standard for tailor-made planning and execution.
One of the greatest current challenges is the creation of architecturally substantial and at the same time ecologically responsible building designs that take sustainable climate protection into account. In this context, concepts that conserve resources, offer a high level of user comfort and guarantee occupational and residential health are of great importance. At the same time, in view of rising energy prices, they must be economically attractive in the long term for building owners and tenants. WICONA recognized this years ago and set the course accordingly. The company has the necessary skills to turn the ideas of planners and architects into reality, even while complying with economic guidelines. Many objects awarded with different building certificates such as DGNB, Leeds, Passive House or Minergie are examples of the creative, constructive and successful cooperation between client, planner, facade builder and aluminum system house.
The basic principle of the successful partnership for individual customer solutions can be read from the WICONA slogan “Technology for ideas”. WICONA is thus positioning itself at the interface between the architects with their creative planning services and the facade construction companies with the technical implementation. Planning and building require a high degree of creativity and freedom of design from those involved. WICONA accompanies this dynamic process with its know-how, high-tech products and extensive service. “Technology for ideas” also means communicating intensively with customers and business partners. Suggestions and requests from the partners are analyzed and incorporated into the development. Architects and metalworkers receive tailor-made technology for the best possible implementation of individual requirements.
The successful partnership has a long tradition: Under the WICONA brand, aluminum systems for facades, windows and doors as well as object-specific special solutions have been developed and sold for over sixty years. The metal construction specialist as a partner thus realizes the best possible building solution for the client – in new buildings as well as in modernization.

Field of business or sector: Provider of building systems for ambitious, functional and energy-efficientaluminium system solutions for curtain walls, windows and doors
Locations: Ulm (headquarters), sales offices in Ulm, Leipzig, Ratingen other locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America Technology Center in Bellenberg, Germany
Employees: about 500 in Germany
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