braun-steine GmbH

construction industry

The family company braun-steine ​​has been dealing with stones since 1875 and is now in the 5th generation.

At the Amstetten and Tübingen locations, around 110 employees produce innovative stone systems for municipal open space planning, street design and high-quality gardens.

Premium brands such as ARENA® paving stones and SANTURO® wall culture are represented with license agreements in Germany as well as in some European countries.

With clearly differentiated product lines, braun-steine ​​offers road construction engineers, town planners, landscape architects as well as gardening and landscaping companies complete technical and creative solutions.

With its long company tradition, braun-steine ​​is one of the leading product designers in its branch today thanks to its high quality standards and creative product ideas.

Since 2015, braun-steine ​​has also been working continuously on optimizing its greenhouse gas balance. In the meantime, CO₂ emissions have been cut in half. Thanks to the additional support of a certified climate project, the company now produces carbon-neutrally at the Amstetten and Tübingen locations.


Field of business or sector: concrete and finished parts industry
Locations: 73340 Amstetten, 72070 Tübingen-Hirschau,82544 Egling, 88693 Deggenhausertal, 91154 Eckersmühlen
Employees: 110
braun-steine GmbH
Hauptstraße 5-7
Tel.: +49 (0)7331 30 03 0