Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Altenstadt

public administration

Foundation and purpose of the administrative community

The administrative community of Altenstadt was founded on May 1, 1978 through a voluntary merger of the Altenstadt market, the Kellmünz a.d. Iller and the municipality of Osterberg. The reason for this was the regional reform in Bavaria.

The legal basis is the “Administrative Community Regulations for the Free State of Bavaria” (VGemO). It serves to strengthen the performance and administrative strength of its member communities.

In its service function, the administrative community is not a “super-community”. It is more like a special-purpose association for the fulfillment of administrative tasks and primarily deals with matters that are transferred from the state to the municipalities (such as passport, resident, registry office, tax and social affairs). The member municipalities continue to carry out their own affairs (e.g. construction and transport, development of the municipal area, culture, youth care and sport, household and financial affairs) through their own mayor and municipal council.

Field of business or sector: local government
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Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Altenstadt
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